Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introducing to you .... MY FAMILY
Here are some photos from our recent travels to Alaska. We took a helicopter tour and then landed onto a glacier which we then hiked through. It was an incredible trip. Also, here is one of my favorite photos of my dad relaxing on our cruise ship as we watch the glaciers go by as we boated through the Glacier Gardens of Alaska. Also are some more scenic photos from the Butchart Gardens of Victoria, BC.


When I get with Tiffany and Jordan there is nothing that I love to do more than being silly and getting them to be silly with me. My sister is so great and I love her face in these photos. I don't think any of us would be this weird without each other which makes photos likes these so fun. Here to share with you is some of the "Lang Children Photos of Fun"... with an added amazing shot of my sister in the beautiful Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.
While venturing around Seattle, Washington and Alaska this summer I got the chance to play around with my "newish" Nikon SLR Camera. I love taking photos of my family while making them pose, jump, and leap. Here are sweet photos I snapped of Jordan.

Today was glorious. Semester began and I could not be any more excited about my classes and professors. I am a nerd, through and through but I love that about myself. I love to read and express myself through writing. There is an art to being able to articulate oneself with passion and clarity. I may join the National English Honors Society ... not to be pretentious but to find common ground with others who enjoy a good read and literature analysis of symbols and meaning of the text. Plus, having some nice tassels when you graduate would be pretty cool. Ok, You got me, I would only join for the cool tassels but hey, who wouldn't?!

Hip Hop - Hip Hop Anonomous

Bloggin World - You know it's true...

There is nothing cooler than a person who can pop and lock it... I want to be one of those people.

I have googled, i have researched, i have looked high and low BUT can not find a place that will teach Hip Hop to an adult with little dancing experience... ok ok, NO dancing experience.

Is this so much to ask for? I just want to be able to move with the flow and jive with the beat of the music. Although i joke, I think this would be a blast.

If i could live another life I would be a dancer. This is my dream! Help! I am a caged bird that needs to be taught how to tame the talent that lies within my soul!!!

I know there are more closet "Hip Hop wanna bees"! Reveal yourself and lets chase this dream together!

(Ok but seriously, if you know of any places where i could get lessons drop me a comment... it would be heaps fun)


In hopes of completing this 1/2 marathon I think the next thing I would like to accomplish on my "life goals" list is a triathalon.

Is there anyone out there who would like to join me? I have heard of ones where you split up the three events where one person does swimming, one running, and one biking.

This would be great fun!
Blogging world, you should give doing a triathalon a good thought!

Disneyland 1/2 Marathon - I Need Good Music To Run To

This Sunday I will be running in the Disneyland 1/2 marathon. For those of you who know me, all of my life I have been a swimmer and water polo player. Learning how to run has been for me like a fish trying to live on land. I'm not sure how these 13 miles will be accomplished but I am considering skipping as a great method of movement.

But seriously, does anyone have any suggestions for pacing or ways to run but trick yourself into thinking your actually laying in Cancun?

I also need good song suggestions. I am trying to make a playlist of pump up music. I need a good Hour and 1/2 of tunes so if you have any suggestions pass them along. I tried buying an already made running playlist but couldn't find anything.

The Segway That Got Away

Dear Blogging World,

While although it is easy to continue a relationship sharing everyday life and shallow thoughts and ideas I have found that, at times, it is impertinent to go a little deeper. This may include becoming vulnerable, but, within a bubble of trust, this may prove to only deepen ones relationship. So, Blog watchers.... Deep and vulnerable I shall venture.

I was given the opportunity to ride on the Segway Calvary had rented for VBS. It ws great fun to use;having an already great sense of balance i was able to speed along and make quick turns. So, naturally, when I got to the ramp that had been built in Calvary's sanctuary I approached with speed and confidence. Victory was mine as i went smoothly up adn then down the ramp with ease... Until I had to push my luck and try one more.

Coming down the ramp my right tire caught on the front stage stairs thus throwing me off to the left while my body slid down the ramp. The Segway, however, continues to go even when no human is occupying it and so it continued to run down the stairs until it went straight into a row of pews.

Thinking my embarasment was limited The upper lights turned on as i looked up and saw my audience of onlookers. (Did i mention i was wearing a dress)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Church Double Dippin

So I have come to the realization that there are many people who attend different churches. I believe that there a few categories that people fit into and I would like to know your thoughts. Maybe some situations are more acceptable than others but maybe God doesn't really care if you attend one church, two churches, or no church ..... I know people have BIG feelings on this. lets bloggercon about it... ("Bloggercon" is a new word I have invented to iterate the meaning of conversing through blogging: blog(ger) + con(versation).

*Church Pastors/Directors and all peoples of ministry ..... Sometimes it's hard to sit still and focus at the church you work at, even when your "not working". What do you think? Is it ok to be fully committed to one church with ministry/work while going to another church, say at a night service, just to sit and BE? Or does this then raise the question that wherever you are getting "fed" you should be serving. Then we are back to sitting at the church where you serve. What do people mean when they say "fed"at church anyways (thats a weird christianism term). So should we stick to where we work or is it ok to go and tast a bit of another church?

*Sojourners: This was one of my vocab words my junior year of high school. If i remember correctly it means something like "to be one who travels". So people I would put in this category are those who are seeking a new church and simply tasting different flavors to see which one suits them best. It's valid that all churches offer different styles and traditions and hopefully unite on the gospel. I think these people are golden; they can see what fits them best and then settle. Wait, now I feel like I'm talking about trying on and buying a pair of pants... but I think you know what I mean.

*Hip Hop Pop Church : My mind goes to Dr. Seuess's "Hop on Pop" but I'm talking more about Hopping on board with the newest, coolest church. I think we could also include conferences and seminars along with this. I get so passionate when people dub a church "a fad church". It is so degrading to the church and its efforts; I'm pretty sure churches are simply trying to be culturally relevant to impact people for the glory or God not just be a really cool place to get all the hottest christians in one building. But here is what bothers me most .... people who switch back and forth with a church's ups and downs... At one church one day and then visiting the cool one the next. Or when they hear that such and such will be speaking or Mr."amazing voice plus it doesn't hurt that he's hot" worship leader will be playing. I think in this case people need to settle and stop making christian celebrities out of people who are hopefully genuinely seeking and following the Lord. But I am not exempt form this at all ... I AM THIS GIRL. Maybe there are levels of double dipping ... like it's ok to do it once in a while for a conference or seminar but more that three times a tear is too much.

So these are just some of my thoughts. I think I may be trying to hard to be creative or funny but, alas, I am still working out the kinks of my writing personality while tryign to be genuine. My heart does question this though .... I know that this conversation can boil down to a matter of the heart; this i firmly believe. But practically speaking, what are your thoughts?

Thanks blogging world.
"Trying to be less like a porcupine"

PS: I just read the "Holy Quotes" blog on stuffchristianslike.net and decided that I would come up with my own for tonight's blog... so there it is.
Here is a photo to go with it .....http://www.liewcf.com/blog/wp-images/porcupine-baby.jpg