Monday, July 14, 2008


Dear Blogging World,

I have decided to share a vary important part of my life with you .... my guinea pig Pearl. She appeared one calm night in the midst of my room with note attached pleading for me to take her home. My father had warned me that if I did in fact get a guinea pig he would make it his BBQ snack. But what could a girl do? So I have Pearl and I just bought her a play pen to attach to her cage so she can have more running space. I must admit that I may have become like the weird cat lady... instead of being 40 and single I am 21 and single and instead of having cats I have one (1) guinea pig.

Which leads me to my question....

I think Pearl needs a friend. Now i don't need little babies so maybe I could get her a sister. Bloggers, does this then affirm my fear of being a weird guinea pig lady?!I need some advice.... please comment with your advice.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

home at last!

Hello my blogging world!

I am home at last! I've just arrived back to my apartment after a week in Seattle, Washington and then another week on an amazing cruise to Alaska. In Seattle we went to Top Pot doughnuts, the official supplier of all of Starbuck's yummy breakfast pastries. Along with eating doughnuts we spent some time walking along Pike Place Market where we saw fish thrown and some beautiful flowers that my mom insisted on carrying with her the entire two week trip. For fourth of July we went to dinner and then made our way to the movie theatre where there was aproximetly four other people in the theatre with us; two of these people decided to spill their soda and allow it to drench mine and my sister's purses.. zero fun with 85% grossness. We saw this amazing museum dedicated to music and guitars and went to the top of the space needle. What was the highlight of this trip you may ask? Well, dear blogging world, we went on a tour ... a DUCK tour. Yes, now, you may call me crazy, but it was a car that turned into a boat... magic! Our guide, who claimed his name as CAPTAIN CHAOS, drove us on land and through water while yelling and singing and dancing, there was lots of dancing. We also had duck horns - they quacked.

Alaska Alaska Alaska - It was amazing! I got to catch up on sleep, do pilates with the family, eat halibut, salmon, steak, crab, lobster, desserts two at a time, ... it was too much! I caught up on some books I had been wanting to read and caught up on some sleep. I learned from my sister that each person has something called a "Sleep Debt". I think I owed my body much rest and relaxation; i think i still owe my body a pedicure :)

We stopped in Juno where we took a helicopter to the top of a glacier and climbed around. It was pretty much the coolest thing I HAVE EVER DONE! Actually I just decided to award myself three extra "cool" points because I went up on the scale for sure! Our next stop was in Sitka ... lets just say we saw some dancing... ummm maybe we shouldn't call it dancing. Let me think a minute .... Ok bloggers, my experience shall be called "mid life crisis women trying to keep rhythm while attaining some sort of life long fantasy of lighting up the stage while dressed as men". Yes that might give you insight to our experience. Thank You Sitka - The Lang Family's lives are now complete because of you! Our last stop in Alaska was to Ketchican (That's not how you spell it I'm sure but oh well). I'll tell it to you straight: MY FAMILY LIED TO ME! Yes! they all did; everyone but Katy knew that we were doing this Zip Line that went 140 feet in the air! So i was told we were doing a "Jungle Hike". I quickly figured out this was not just any hike. I survived and I have a shirt to prove it. I actually did have a great time and I'm glad I was pushed to do it. Our last stop was in Victoria, Canada where we visited the Butshard Gardens. It was really beautiful but really packed. We got some ice cream and made friends with the people on our bus. we bonded as the bus drived talked for an hour straight... BOTH WAYS! I asked him once top turn down the volume for fear our my ear drums and even then he was reluctant. We survived though and arrived safely back to the ship.

Overall, It was amazing to get away and spend time in new waters and lands. I would like to give special thanks to my personal guinea pig sitter for taking such great care of my Pearl, my brother and sister for putting up with my sleep yelling habits and to my parents for the good memories and laughs we had. Oh yes, and not to forget you bloggers out there ... Just keep on bloggin!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm not entirely sure as to whom I should address this post to ... mainly due to the fact that I don't think anyone has ever read my blog. But if you are reading, Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am off to Alaska tomorrow! My family and I will be leaving from Seattle, Washington to cruise to Alaska. I will be back on July 14th but if there is internet I might be able to post about my many adventures of ice and cold and eskimos!

Good bye Bloggers! Hope the ship doesn't sink!